• Image of "Varsovia. Semper Invicta." t-shirt

Password "Semper invicta" can be found written in marker on the seat of a tram or incompetently zdrapanej sticker on the subway. The motto of stołecznegoWarszawy. was in the dock in 1939, a decision the Supreme Commander Major General Wladyslaw Sikorski added to the coat of arms of Warsaw "in recognition of the heroic, persevering courage proven by the population of the capital city of Warsaw in the defense against the German invasion." Memories of heroism and bloodshed is with us at every corner in the form of monuments, countless storage arrays, the remains of buildings. From the little we are taught to proudly carry the memory of the heroes of the streets of Warsaw. The older we get, the more votes subjected to the same pride in doubt. My project is not a commentary on the story. This is in reference to the present and to which the load is aware of living in a city where people like us loved and died for their beliefs. Yoke of these events puts the bar very high, at some time questioning the importance of our daily suffering and happiness. That city is gone, that doing a new nightmares.

Design: T-shirt was made from Lodz city spun cotton. Screen printing is with the utmost care using specially formulated for this purpose the mixture of paint and pigment.

Please be aware that these t-shirts are slim-fit and are made of high quality cotton so they won't stretch a lot. Sizing for this series tends to run small so I would recommend size L for most people. See measurements below for more info.

Width (Pit to pit) - 45cm
Length (Back) - 60cm

Width (Pit to pit) - 46cm
Length (Back) - 63cm

Width (Pit to pit) - 47cm
Length (Back) - 65cm