• Image of "VII Deadly Sins" Poster. Edition 2.

7 Deadly Sins is part of the canon of the Catholic religion. It is ever present at the back of the head a warning against doing evil. Although largely brought up in the Catholic religion - as adults often do not remember the existence of this Code of Ethics. While working on the poster he had to remember a list of sins and then reflect on whether a person is able to proceed in a different, "better" way. Some kind of commentary is contained in the upper part of the poster quote from the song "Bitch do not kill my vibe" Kendrick Lamar.

Design: Poster was produced in two hand-numbered and signed series of 25 pieces each. Both posters are made by hand, by screen printing using specially prepared for the occasion, and the mixture of pigment particles of silver.

Graphic language that I use is the resultant of some inspiration. Present in many places under the influence of pattern I designed the pattern "Bacterio" by Ettore Sottsass, one of the members of the Memphis Group. Equally, this pattern can draw all association with fashion and everyday objects from the 80's and 90's.
Theme stone tablet, Albertus typeface is a reference to the early schedule Factory Records, the timeless elegance of cold and darkness. Presented poster speaks about hidden beneath the load. I wanted to emphasize this effect by printing black on a dark gray and black surface, so that the text is visible only after focusing the viewer's attention.

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